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What is Cloud Inspections?

  • Cloud inspections provides inspection software for multi-family housing professionals served as a service on the Internet. You will have access to your data from anywhere 24x7 without worring about backups, system crashes, or data losses.
  • Perform field inspections with your smartphone, PDA, iPAD or other capable cellphone.
  • Inspection templates include: Move-In; Move-Out; Quarterly, Annual inspections for: Units; Buildings; Grounds and other locations, HUD 52582 Housing Choice Voucher Inspection Checklist, Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS) Inspection UPCS. And, custom templates are available.
Why is Cloud Inspections revolutionary for property management companies?

  • Existing inspection systems either user paper checklists or dedicated PDA’s to enter checklists then dock to a host computer to upload data for reporting and printing.
  • The Cloud is Multi-User software and the data can be viewed or printed even as the inspection is in process. The inspector can finish the inspection and immediately call the manager, home office or owner and the reports can be instantly viewed, printed and work orders created literally within minutes of notification from the inspector
  • Maintenance repairs can begin even before the inspector has left the property.
  • Cloud Inspections software can be run on most touch screen tablets/mobiles including Android, iPhone and iPad.
How cloud computing can lower your costs of managing your inspections?

  • Quicker inspections and work order assignments can mean less vacancy loss.
  • Electronic inspection results analysis can lead to better preventive maintenance measures that will lower your overall maintenance costs.
  • Lower your equipment costs. No need to purchase dedicated PDA’s that can only be used for one purpose and get outdated quickly. The Cloud software can run on many independent mobile devices. Most modern mobile devices can be used for many different purposes.
  • Eliminate double data entry. Even paper check lists need to be cleaned up and work orders made from the inspection. The Cloud allows you to check list, add photos and print.
  • Reduce paper storage and filing costs.
  • Less manpower is required to manage data than to manage and track paper documents.
  • The Cloud data can be used to analyze inspection results from electronic historical data.